Whole Network At Your Fingertips

Modular platform for intelligent monitoring and centralized facility management

NEBO offers a holistic approach towards multivendor equipment monitoring and control, enabling a single-window workflow infrastructure diagnosis, speed troubleshooting, reduced costs and improved overall service delivery.


Nebo has highly intuitive graphic web interface

Monitoring by your rules

Highly intuitive graphic web interface with a wide range of filters allows to easily customize dashboards, module network topology and have a quick access to any network element, anytime from anywhere. Due to this problem zones can be quickly identified and issues smoothly resolved.

Nebo has hierarchical architecture

Scalable architecture

Hierarchical architecture of the platform allows for smooth scaling thus making it possible to start with a standalone configuration and then peacefully evolve into a large scale ecosystem. NEBO is light weighted and fast, and can be installed on any standard equipment.

Nebo has single interface for end-to-end monitoring and management of network elements

Unified point of control

Single interface for end-to-end monitoring and management of distributed network elements including complex SNMP-enabled devices and non IP devices located on remote sites. NEBO’s vendor neutrality helps to leverage connectivity and control across all network resources.

Nebo has automatic identification and seamless connection


Automatic identification and seamless connection of new devices ensure an ongoing monitoring of the entire network environment and offset risks caused by manual operations

Nebo performs alert logging and analysis

Intelligent reporting

NEBO performs alert logging & analysis offering comprehensive graphs and reports with an ability to create custom templates with an export to CSV/XLS/PDF

Features in a nutshell

Nebo features

Performance management

Nebo features

Fault management

Nebo features


Nebo features


Nebo features

Access management based on the assigned roles

Nebo features

Customizable reporting and fast alerting

Nebo features

Integrated GIS server

Nebo features

Network topology configuration and mapping

Nebo features

Redundancy capability

Nebo features

Remote site monitoring and control

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Remote management by Nebo RC

Monitoring of unattended sites is performed by a NEBO RC (remote controller) physically installed alongside with the controlled equipment.

It aggregates and analyses data collected from the monitored devices and transfers it to the network operations center, thus providing for remote configuration and reducing operational costs.


Key Benefits

  • Controls remote equipment connected via both non-IP (GPIO/RS-232/485/USB) and IP interfaces
  • Runs on a variety of hardware platforms from entry-level devices to enterprise-grade embedded hardware
  • Helps detect and prevent potential operational issues at remote sites via standard NEBO interface
  • Monitors environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, lightning etc) and manages related sensors

OEM & white labeling

Nebo licensing & white labeling

Flexible licensing options and highly customizable UI allows for the platform’s branding and localization, so vendors can expand the scope of their product offering and deliver more business value

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